ECP Matrix is the supplement of choice among many of the world's leading competitive riders and trainers who recognize that a healthy, focused horse is the key to success. ECP is formulated to provide superior immune system support to combat stress from frequent travel and competition. A healthy horse is a more focused horse - during training and competition.

ECP 9.6kg

    • Supports balanced behavior, promotes focus and reduces hyperactivity
    • Behavior problem management tool, valuable in re-training
    • Safely helps maintain normal disposition and alertness, does not sedate
    • Supports gut health - which often contributes to distraction and negative behavior
    • Helps build natural coping ability from external stressors such as: traveling, stall rest/layup, separation, changes in training, etc.
    • May assist in curbing destructive behaviors such as weaving and stall walking
    • Assists in promoting normal endocrine function, stress response and hormonal balance
    • Does not mask the true nature of the horse