NRG Matrix gives you energy, helps you focus, helps your body recover, and has great immune support! Powered by organic mushrooms and herbs. Infused with natural fruits. NRG Matrix is the healthy alternative for supporting mental clarity and physical endurance. Available in both bulk powder* and multiple stick packs.

NRG Matrix 10 pack

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  • Benefits

    • Immediate Cognitive Clarity and Focus*

    • Long lasting Energy to power your Day and your Workout*

    • Bolster Immune Function*

    • Strong Recovery Aid*

    • NRGmatrix is not an “energy” drink or supplement, but a whole food

    • Powered by a synergy of Organic Medicinal Mushrooms and herbs

    • Easily mixes with water, in smoothies or your favorite beverage

    • No sugar, no salt, no GMO, no artificial gunk, no evil, just good energy!

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    Directions: Dilute powder into bottle with 12-16 oz. water - shake & enjoy!